Scarr, Lydeard-St-Lawrence, Taunton







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The history of Scarr chapel begins in the 1860’s, when men of God in the neighbourhood were concerned for the lost souls around them – including those working in the old slate quarries nearby.  The quarry workers were tough men whose lives were marked by hard labour, poverty, superstition and hopelessness – that is until they heard about the mercy of God.  Because of the power of prayer, lives were transformed as some accepted the good news of the Gospel, coming to know Christ as their personal Saviour.

A need grew up for a place where these new converts to Christ could worship, learn and share fellowship with all who loved Jesus.  In spite of fierce opposition, a site was found and Scarr chapel came into being, built of the very quarry stone these men had laboured on, and hauled into the valley through the generosity of believing farmers who loaned horses and wagons.

The chapel stands at the edge of the Lydeard-St-Lawrence

Parish boundary.  Nearby is Halse water stream where in

recent years several baptisms by immersion have taken place.