Why Nine?  Read on and find out.


In her book, Possessing the Gates of the Enemy, Cindy Jacobs talks of ways to overcome the evil one, the enemy.  God had a plan, part of that plan was his Son but another part of God’s plan was us, the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, here on earth!  We are a praying army.


Cindy Jacobs goes on to write:


‘One of the most dramatic cases I know of enforcers at work came during World War II and is taken from the pages of British history.  It is described in Katherine Pollard Carter's book Hand on the Helm.

In September 1940 Churchill received intelligence reports that a Nazi air invasion was impending.  Since Nazi factories were able to produce planes more quickly than the British, there was little doubt the Royal Air Force would be badly outnumbered.  The attack ensued with more than two hundred Nazi bombers droning toward England.  Only 26 squadrons rose from British soil to oppose them.


Then inexplicably the discs on the wall chart began to move eastward.  The great Nazi air flotilla had turned back.  With 185 of their aircraft downed in flames they were in retreat!  Miraculously, against all logistical probability, the Royal Air Force had won the battle. . . .

Amazing reports came from downed Nazi pilots.  [Several were] quizzed as to why they had turned back when only two planes were attacking.

“Two!”, exclaimed one pilot.  “There were hundreds!”

Another Luftwaffe officer asked them in perplexity, “Where did you get all the planes you threw into battle over Britain?”

His British interrogators managed to mask their surprise.  Actually, the powerful Nazi bomber force had been met by a mere handful of little outmoded Royal Air Force Spitfire and Hurricane fighters.  There was no sky full of Royal Air Force planes! . . .

A Nazi intelligence officer captured still later came nearest to disclosing the divine source of the . . . mirages which had confused the Luftwaffe pilots.

“With the striking of your Big Ben clock each evening at nine,” the Nazi told the British intelligence officer, “you used a secret weapon which we did not understand.  It was very powerful, and we could find no countermeasure against it.”

He was right! There was a powerful force set in motion each evening as Big Ben struck nine.  It was the powerful force of a nation in heartfelt prayer against which no countermeasure could hope to prevail - a nation in prayer to the omnipotent God of creation.  Each evening as Big Ben in the clock tower of the Parliament Building struck nine, the people of the British Isles and of the far-flung English Commonwealth halted for the famous Silent Moment of Prayer.


The prayers of God’s enforcers protected the British Isles.’

Why Nine?

Historical Power of Prayer

Join us in Prayer at Nine


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Please join us in praying each evening at Nine O’clock for God’s righteousness
and justice to be restored to this Nation.