Please note that the details and offers on this page may now be out of date. Previous News and Offers  Please note that the details and offers on this page may now be out of date. “By serving you, we are serving Him”

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“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, that person is a new creation.  The old has gone, the new is here!”  -  2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV-2011)




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Toilet Twinning

We have twinned our Toilet with one in Uganda!

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“Jesus is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation”  Colossians 1 v.15 (NIV)

Preparing for Advent!     Advent - just a couple of months away!

We wonder - does everyone have a real understanding of the meaning of the season.  Helping us to approach Christmas Day with a real understanding of the meaning of the season, we have the resources suitable for all ages to guide and teach us through the days leading up to Christmas.  Come in to find special teaching books; Advent Calendars in various shapes and sizes, many including envelopes and some containing chocolates; Advent Candles – an interesting way of placing the Light of the World centre stage; and Nativity Sets to make a talking point, especially with children.

Our Christmas stock is coming in.  Every year Val tries to provide as wide a variety of cards, books and gifts as she possibly can.  Please come in, browse, and choose your Christmas Greetings.  All our Christmas cards, calendars, diaries, books and gifts display the Christian message, making it easy to share your faith.  And you will be helping other Charities, for she has ordered from Tear Fund, the Barnabus Fund, and other similar relief organisations.  This may be your opportunity to make sure the Good News of Jesus is not packed away like a decoration but will last the whole year!

So come and browse to find the many different ways you can send out God’s Word this Christmas.  Diaries and Calendars make great presents and can offer a different uplifting message daily, weekly or monthly - some show, in pictorial splendour, God’s beautiful world.  The Christmas Card selections all contain a scripture text. They make an acceptable way of sending out the Gospel message so, before going elsewhere, please come in to see our collection.  For that really special gift why not peruse the Christian Charity Catalogues (many of our products already support these charities).  Please help these wonderful organizations carrying out God’s work all over the world.  If you order as early as possible you will avoid disappointment as they usually sell out quite quickly.  Either pop into the shop or give us a phone call.

Have you thought about bringing your small group here for supper?  New Creation is always available as a Supper Venue for groups of up to 14.  Who knows, a change of surroundings may be a source of inspiration to your group.  In years gone by the coffee house was a place to discuss and share - maybe we could be that place for you.  So do get in touch on 255769 as we are now taking bookings for your Christmas or New Year Celebration.

Meanwhile  Penny’s Special for October – £3.50 - Cheese Scone with Pickle, Cheese and Apple Slices, and a hot drink

Praise the Lord! Another year, another milestone, another birthday to celebrate, another opportunity to thank our wonderful Lord God!  It’s October again so please pray for New Creation on our 29th Birthday (on the 4th) and give grateful thanks to our loving Heavenly Father.  He has enabled and encouraged us since 1988!  Only the Lord knows what effect a scripture verse, a book or a card may have on the receiver.   We pray that the vision for this mission, given so many years ago, is still being worked out to His glory and that He will continue to guide us as we seek to faithfully serve Him.

24 October, 2017